Have you prepared a list of essential items for autumn elementary school students?

What have you been doing lately?

Help your child prepare for the start of school!

What do you do at work?

Help your child prepare for the start of school!

What do you do when you go home at night?

Help your child prepare for the start of school!

that really hurts, man. I believe that the primary task for parents now is to prepare things for their children who are starting school

Every year, one week before the start of school in September, the teacher reminds parents to prepare school supplies for their children, or lists each item for parents to prepare. To be honest, there are quite a few things prepared, and it's inevitable to miss one or two.

So, the senior student has specially customized a list of essential items for parents at the beginning of school, which includes some personal insights for parents to refer to.


Essential item 1


When choosing a backpack, it is important to choose one with slightly better quality and lighter weight. Pay special attention to choosing a high-quality two-way zipper. After children go to school, they will open the zipper countless times, and the quality of the links is very important.

After choosing the style of the backpack, it is important to give the child a try and see if the shoulder strap distance is suitable. Children around the age of 6 have narrow shoulders, and if the shoulder strap distance is too wide, it can easily slip into the arm position, making the child uncomfortable to carry.

Regarding shoulder back backpacks and pull rod backpacks: If there are no special regulations in the school, they can be customized according to each individual's actual situation. If the child's class is upstairs and needs to put away the lever every time and climb the stairs, which is difficult, it is recommended to choose a shoulder back style. If the school is far from home and you need to walk a long distance, it is recommended to choose a trolley style.

Essential Item 2

Various books

Prepare various new character books, pinyin books, arithmetic books, field character books, and single line and double line books.

Essential Item 3

Bao Shupi Er, Ben Pi Er

The book cover and book cover are made of paper and transparent plastic, with many sizes and specifications. Nowadays, children's books are mostly in two sizes, the large ones are the same size as readers' magazines, and the small ones are the same size as children's homework books. Just buy 10 sheets each of these two sizes of paper and transparent plastic (a total of 40 sheets).

Essential Item 4

10 sheets of self-adhesive label paper

It is very common in the market, with single sheets and homework books of the same size, each divided into dozens of small labels. The small labels are the size of sugar, with red or blue boxes on the outer circle, and the child's name can be written in the blank space in the middle.

Suggestion: In addition to erasers, you can also label your child's pencil case, ruler, all pencils, and other items brought to school with this name on them. More than 40 children attend classes together, using almost identical learning materials. Careful mothers label their children's learning materials, saving them many unnecessary disputes.

Essential Item 5

Pencil case

Pencil boxes are gradually being phased out and replaced by various cute cartoon pen bags. Because it is soft, lightweight, and has minimal impact on the ground, mothers can choose their own styles according to their children's preferences.

Essential Items 6

About 20 pencils

Special attention should be paid to these. If the child is just in first grade, mothers can prepare about 20 2H pencils for the child. Because when children first start school, they often don't write hard, and the characters written by HB are slightly darker and difficult to clean. Children are not very good at using hard, and they often scratch their homework books. The characters written by 2H are slightly lighter, making it easier for children to correct. After using up 20 pencils, you can buy HB pencils in large quantities.

Tip: You should buy a pencil without any pattern, as for whether it's triangular or hexagonal, as long as you don't buy a circular one. Stick the pens with their names to avoid losing them.

Essential Items 7


It is recommended to buy a small carrying case (24 colors are enough) for your child with a vertical brush. The small carrying case covers an area only as large as the palm of the mother's hand, making it more convenient for the child to use. If you buy a large box of paintbrushes, it takes up a lot of space and it's not easy to put paper on the table.

Essential Items 8


When buying an eraser, don't buy a very hard drawing eraser. If it's too hard, it can easily scratch your homework book. Instead, buy a soft and fragrant eraser that is easier to use. Rubber is an easy consumable, so mothers can buy more and prepare for it.

Essential Items 9

Pencil sharpener

Just buy regular items, without buying high-end items such as electric or cranks. For newly enrolled children, no matter what type of pencil sharpening tool they buy, they will not be able to use it correctly and may accidentally leave pen scraps everywhere.

Essential Items 10


Just prepare a 15cm small ruler and pay attention to buying one that is straight on one side and wavy on the other. Because during Chinese language classes, it is sometimes necessary to draw wavy lines under relevant words, with the help of this small ruler, children can draw neatly and orderly.

Essential Items 11

Glue stick, scissors

If there is a handicraft class in the child's class, the mother needs to prepare glue sticks and scissors. When using glue, it often gets crowded everywhere. It is recommended to buy a glue stick instead for easy portability.

When purchasing scissors, be careful not to buy pointed ones, but to buy round nose scissors specifically for children.

Tip: Moms can prepare a small bag and put scissors and glue sticks inside. You can buy a zippered bag for holding receipts from a stationery store. Otherwise, if the scissors are left alone in the backpack, children are prone to unnecessary danger during running and playing.

Essential Items 12

Base plate

If a child has just started school, it is recommended to use hard shell paper. If there is suitable hard paper at home, it can be cut into appropriate sizes according to the size of the child's homework book to use as a pad.

Because at first the child couldn't write hard and the plastic pad was too smooth.

Essential Items 13

Document bag

A very practical file bag. Books and assignments from different disciplines can be placed together for easy classification, portability, and transparency. And it can also include the class and name, so the teacher no longer needs to worry that my textbook won't be found.

Essential Items 14

Reference book

What is necessary for elementary school, prepare it in advance, and mothers can also use it themselves.

Life related

Essential Items 15

Lunch boxes, bowls, and chopsticks

Plastic is not easy to burn children, but mothers must pay attention to the safety of selecting materials and choose food that is open to everyone. Some lunch boxes also have specially prepared places for chopsticks and spoons, which mothers can choose according to the situation.

Essential Items 16


When the child eats, spread it on the desk to prevent all the soup from dripping on it. After eating, take it home and let the mother wash it. Two pieces can be prepared for alternating use during washing and exchange.

Essential Items 17

Bento bag

Choose according to the situation of the tableware. Children's tableware should be placed separately in their portable lunch bags, which can easily stain the textbooks when placed in their backpacks.

Essential Items 18


In summer and autumn, prepare transparent steel plastic water bottles for children. In spring and winter, children need to drink hot water, and mothers need to prepare insulated water bottles.

If children don't like plain water, mothers can spend some time, such as having lemon cups or boiling snow pear water to take to school.

Essential Items 19

Wet and dry tissue

A child should keep a bag of dry paper towels and a bag of wet paper towels in their backpack every day for occasional use. They can be used after washing their hands at school or wiping the small grease nozzle after lunch.

Essential Items 20

Small Envelope

After children go to school, they often encounter payment situations: monthly lunch fees, class fees, visiting fees, book fees, etc. Whether it's small change or hundreds of yuan in whole, it is recommended that mothers put them in small envelopes and write down the child's class, name, amount of money, and purpose on the envelopes.

For those with a hundred yuan bill, it is best to write the number of hundred yuan on the cover and copy the last four digits of each bill number on the envelope. (When it comes to money, mothers must be careful to avoid unnecessary trouble)

Finally, we need to remind everyone that it is best to buy these essential small items for children after school early. If they are prepared before the start of school, the seller will increase the price by about 15% according to market demand.


Slime, also known as mucus or mucus, is a viscous substance.

Slime, also known as mucus or mucus, is a viscous substance.

colorful colors to objects while adhering.

Its production principle is to mix colored pigments and glue together to form a uniform color glue. The use of Color Glue can make the surface of pasted objects more vivid and interesting,

Color Glue is a type of colored adhesive that can bring rich and colorful colors to objects while adhering.

Color Glue is a type of colored adhesive that can bring rich and colorful colors to objects while adhering. Its production principle is to mix colored pigments and glue together to form a uniform color glue. The use of Color Glue can make the surface of pasted objects more vivid and interesting, especially suitable for fields such as handcrafting, artistic creation, and decoration. Color Glue not only has strong viscosity and durability, but also can maintain a bright color after drying. Its usage method is also very simple, just apply the glue evenly to the surface of the object to be pasted, and then press the object to be pasted together. Both children and adults can use Color Glue to unleash their imagination and create unique works.

School glue, also known as white glue or craft glue, is an essential tool for students of all ages.

School glue, also known as white glue or craft glue, is an essential tool for students of all ages. This adhesive is widely used in schools for various purposes, including arts and crafts projects, science experiments, and even repairing books.