Social Responsibility Report

Solemnly declare

The social responsibility report issued by the Company is written in accordance with relevant national quality laws and regulations. Corporate social responsibility in the report is a true reflection of the company's current situation. The company is responsible for the objectivity of the report content and the authenticity and scientificity of relevant statements and conclusions.

Zhejiang Kaida Stationery Co., Ltd

Organizational scope: Zhejiang Kaida Stationery Co., Ltd

Reporting time: This report covers the period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. This is the first social responsibility report of Zhejiang Kaida Stationery Co., Ltd.

Release cycle: one year

Access to the report: through the company's website Download

Company Profile

Zhejiang Kaida Stationery Co., Ltd. is located in the west of No.7 Road, south of Hongda Road, Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. With superior geographical location and convenient transportation, it is a professional company engaged in the production and sales of stationery (solid glue, liquid glue).

We take science and technology as the guide, gather the strengths of various companies, create our own image, and stand in the forest of today's strong players with real products and plain business style.

The company is equipped with injection molding machines, powder machines, mixing pots and other professional equipment. Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "development through science and technology" and the quality policy of "survival through quality", the company has contributed to the enterprise honor of "Zhengtong Industry and extraordinary achievements". With the rapid development of China's modern economy, the company actively gives play to its own advantages and is committed to scientific and technological innovation, which is highly praised by the majority of users!

We will adhere to the principle of continuous self-improvement, strictly manage the company with new technology, high standards and high quality, and wholeheartedly serve users with perfect design, favorable prices and high-quality after-sales service to achieve win-win cooperation.

Social Responsibility Report

While focusing on enterprise operation, the company tries to take into account the different needs of various interested parties, regards protecting their rights and interests as its own responsibility, and puts it into practice. As one of the leading enterprises in the industry, the company has earnestly fulfilled its corporate social responsibility, examined the relationship between social responsibility and long-term development of the enterprise from the perspective of a large system of social, environmental and economic harmony, and transformed social responsibility into the driving force and long-term interests of enterprise development.

1、 Protection of shareholders' rights and interests

(1) The rapid and steady development of the Company and the realization of good business performance are the important basis for protecting the interests of shareholders. In 2021, the Company will achieve a sales revenue of 88 million yuan.

(2) In accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws, regulations and the Articles of Association of the Company, the Company has established a standardized corporate governance structure and continuously improved the system of shareholders' meeting, executive director and supervisor,

Form a corporate governance structure with effective checks and balances between the authority, decision-making body, supervision organization and managers. The General Meeting of Shareholders shall have the legal power stipulated by laws and regulations and the Articles of Association, and shall exercise the power to determine the Company's business policy, major financing, investment, profit distribution and other major issues according to law. The executive director is responsible for the general meeting of shareholders and exercises the company's decision-making power according to law. The supervisor shall be responsible for the general meeting of shareholders and supervise the shareholders and other senior managers of the Company to perform their duties according to law. The operation of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Executive Director and the Supervisor has been continuously standardized, and the system has been continuously improved, forming a set of effective internal management and control systems with mutual checks and balances. The sound corporate governance structure of the company fundamentally protects the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders and creditors. In 2021, the Company held a general meeting of shareholders. The convening, notification, convening, deliberation matters, voting procedures and resolution announcements of the general meeting of shareholders of the Company comply with the provisions of laws and regulations and the Articles of Association. The Company treats all shareholders fairly to ensure that shareholders fully enjoy the legal rights and interests prescribed by laws, regulations and rules.

(3) In 2021, in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and in combination with the actual operation of the company, the company revised various rules and regulations, constantly improved the corporate governance structure, improved the internal control system, further standardized the company's operation, and improved the level of corporate governance. The company has done a lot of work in strengthening the construction of various systems, improving the company's decision-making procedures, improving the quality of information disclosure, protecting the interests of small and medium-sized shareholders, and faithfully and diligently fulfilled the company's social responsibilities.

The Company always pays attention to the latest laws and regulations issued by the regulatory authorities, and continuously improves the Company's internal control system. Through continuous improvement of internal control system, the corporate governance level is effectively improved. At the same time, combined with the actual situation of the company, the company's business processes and control systems at all levels and links of operation and management have been constantly improved and improved.

(4) The Company shall perform the obligation of information disclosure in strict accordance with relevant laws, regulations and provisions. Fulfill the obligation of information disclosure voluntarily to ensure the authenticity, accuracy, timeliness, integrity and fairness of information disclosure. The Company designates the Enterprise Department of the Company to be specially responsible for information disclosure management. In 2021, the Company actively and timely disclosed information that may have a substantial impact on shareholders' decisions, so that shareholders can fully understand the Company's business situation in a timely manner.

(5) Carry out multi-channel and multi-mode investor relationship management to build a good and harmonious investor relationship. During the reporting period, the Company strictly followed the requirements of the regulatory authorities, followed the relevant systems of the Company's investor relationship management, clarified the responsible person and relevant regulations for the disclosure of various informal announcements such as the Company's website, and required the General Affairs Department to earnestly and enthusiastically receive calls and visits from investors and media, ensure that the public contact channels are effective and smooth, and ensure that the telephone is answered and the email is replied in a timely manner during working hours Investors on the website will answer all their questions.

2、 Employee rights maintenance

In 2021, the Company will strictly abide by the Labor Law and the Labor Contract Law, establish a caring and rights protection organization, promote collective contracts, protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees according to law, and earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of employees in democratic management; Improve the labor safety and health system, improve the labor environment, ensure the labor safety of employees, avoid industrial accidents, and ensure the physical and mental health of employees; Education and training and various cultural and sports activities have cultivated the staff's sentiment, further enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise, and built a win-win pattern of labor capital harmony.

In the past year, the company has not had major safety accidents or fire accidents, and the rate of minor injuries per thousand people is 0.

(1) We will improve the employment management system and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. The Company strictly abides by the Labor Law, Production Safety Law, Occupational Disease Prevention Law and other relevant laws and regulations, and protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees according to law. All employees of the Company have signed Labor Contract with the Company in accordance with relevant national and local laws and regulations. In accordance with national and local laws and regulations, the Company has established a salary system, incentive mechanism, insurance and welfare system including pension, medical care, work-related injury, unemployment and maternity, promoted the reform of personnel system, reasonably set up posts, clarified post responsibilities, standardized employment, and promoted the harmony and stability of labor relations.

(2) The company improves the labor protection system, pays attention to the construction of safety production system, implements the responsibility of safety production, and constantly improves the safety management level of the company. The company has set up special safety training courses for new employees in the induction training. The implementation and supervision of safety production work are implemented through regular basic management work inspection, and the safety production work is included in the daily performance appraisal system. In daily work, the company provides labor protection appliances for production workers and regularly checks and replaces them. The production workshop is equipped with first-aid medicine kits containing red potions, essential balm, Band Aids and other medicines. The company has passed the ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

(3) The company actively carried out various cultural and sports activities, providing personalized support for employees. In order to provide a better working and leisure environment for employees, a professional design team is specially employed to design and construct office areas, dormitories and indoor fitness facilities. In order to enrich the life of employees, the company organizes various activities, such as organizing employee tourism, carrying out sports projects such as mini marathon and employee basketball match, and carrying out knowledge competitions to improve employees' business level and safety production knowledge. In various activities held by the company, the company will reward those who perform well in the activities, set up lottery activities, and give awards to outstanding employees.

In 2021, the company entrusted a third party to test the occupational hazard factors in the workplace, and the results met the requirements.

In 2021, the company entrusted a third party to conduct occupational disease physical examination for some employees, and the inspection results met the requirements.

(4) The company provides every employee with fair and just promotion opportunities, from the general manager down to the workshop inspection, all can enjoy fair promotion. According to the company's business needs and development plan, if there are suitable candidates with promotion conditions, they can be promoted according to the company's promotion procedures at any time when there are vacancies. Promotion channels include: competitive recruitment, company appointment, etc. In the first half of 2021, there will be as many as 19 employees promoted to meet the development needs of different employees and give full play to their special potential. In the past three years, nearly 28 employees have been promoted successfully through their own efforts.

The Company carries out its work according to law and attaches importance to democratic and open management. For matters involving employees' vital interests such as wages, welfare, labor safety and health, social insurance, etc., listen to and adopt opinions and suggestions from all parties through multiple channels, and care about and attach importance to the reasonable needs of employees. In recent two years, 15 improvement proposals were submitted, mainly involving lean production, process improvement, etc. At the same time, in addition to the confidential matters and trade secrets stipulated by national laws and regulations, the Company also passed the staff meeting, bulletin board The enterprise's internal WeChat groups, announcements, various regular meetings, coordination meetings, analysis meetings, summary meetings, websites, mailboxes and other ways are made public to protect employees' right to know and participate in major issues of the enterprise.

(5) The company has built a perfect training course system according to the strategy and employee development needs. The company has always recognized and valued talents. In order to ensure the effective development of training, the company has formulated training management system and other documents, and provided sufficient training funds to guarantee, aiming to stimulate the potential of employees, improve the pleasure of employees' work, and achieve a win-win situation for the company and employees. According to the strategic planning and annual work objectives, the training needs of different levels and departments can be accurately identified in combination with the performance appraisal results, job demands, employee post ability matching, as well as the individual needs of employees and other factors. In 2021, there will be 38 courses in the company level training, including QES system, intellectual property management system, information security management system, hazardous substance system, environment, management, labor, skill improvement and other fields. Through various professional trainings, not only the professional quality and comprehensive quality of employees have been improved, but also the efficiency and quality of work have been greatly improved. In addition, the company invited Apple's professional team to conduct 6 Sigma training for core members of the quality department, and Apple will lead the team to the company every year to participate in material lectures for doctoral students in professional fields of the industry.

The company has enriched employees' spiritual and cultural life, improved their quality of life, and enhanced their sense of belonging and identity to the enterprise through corporate culture publicity and implementation work such as the company's website and WeChat official account.

3、 Protection of the rights and interests of suppliers, customers and consumers

In 2021, the company will continue to pursue harmonious coexistence with customers, value chain partners, peers and the public to create value and share success; The company establishes a mechanism to protect the rights and interests of customers and suppliers, pays attention to communication and interaction with relevant parties, and builds the foundation of trust and cooperation. The company pays attention to taking into account the different needs of interested parties as much as possible while operating the enterprise, and takes the protection of their rights and interests as its own responsibility, making efforts to put them into action.

(1) Adhere to the benign relationship of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with suppliers. The company adheres to the principle of honest operation, benefit sharing and mutual benefit, and constantly improves the procurement process and mechanism. First of all, establish a fair and just evaluation system, respect the reasonable quotation of suppliers, and safeguard the interests of suppliers in product and technology development. Secondly, the supplier screening procedure was strictly enforced, the supervision and prevention work was carried out throughout the whole process of supplier screening, the integrity education of employees was constantly strengthened, and a good strategic partnership was established with suppliers on the premise of openness, fairness and justice, realizing a win-win situation between the company and suppliers.

(2) The company actively establishes a good image in the eyes of customers and improves the brand image. The company regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys, collects customer opinions, formulates rectification measures, makes targeted rectification, improves service organization configuration, provides high-quality pre-sales, in sales and after-sales services, further improves product quality and service level, improves customer satisfaction, and ensures customer interests. Customer satisfaction increases year by year.

(3) The Company attaches great importance to the construction of integrity and internal supervision of anti commercial bribery, strictly implements the integrity monitoring system, improves the long-term mechanism for preventing commercial bribery, strictly monitors and prevents various commercial bribery activities of the Company or its employees and customers and suppliers, establishes integrity within the Company, resolutely resists unhealthy practices, and strictly abides by business ethics and social ethics. At the same time, the company does not rely on false publicity and advertising for profit, and does not infringe the copyright, trademark, patent and other intellectual property rights of suppliers and customers.

4、 Focus on environmental protection and promote sustainable development of the company

The company always regards environmental protection as an important part of its sustainable development. Adhere to technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and strive to minimize the impact of the company's development on the environment. Through continuous technological innovation, the consumption of energy and resources has been reduced, and the discharge of waste has also been reduced. The company has a perfect organization and environmental management system, with remarkable pollution control effect and standardized operation, and is committed to guiding and improving the company's environmental protection and sustainable development according to the requirements of ISO14001 environmental management system.

In 2021, the company entrusted a third party to test the waste water, waste gas and environmental noise, which are in line with relevant national laws and requirements.

In addition, the Company has continuously enhanced the employees' awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection through billboards, banners and other forms, and cultivated the employees' habit of consciously saving electricity, water, paper and oil in their work and life. The company has saved a lot of paper and ink cartridge consumption and reduced resource occupation through unified management of printing and copying, comprehensive reuse of both sides of paper, replacement of old ink cartridges and toner cartridges, etc. In the daily production process, the Company recycles and centralizes the recyclable and non recyclable wastes, collects the waste oil generated in the production process, hires qualified waste treatment companies to conduct unified recycling and treatment, and operates in strict accordance with the national environmental protection requirements to minimize the impact of the enterprise on the environment.

5、 Public welfare undertakings and public relations

The Company pays taxes according to law, and the Company will pay taxes of 3.77 million yuan in 2021.

Over the years, the company has done its best to support public welfare undertakings, and has focused on the public welfare areas of pair assistance, poverty alleviation and support for local education undertakings. The company donated 50000 yuan in 2019 to fight against the COVID-19; Charitable donation of 65,000 yuan; In 2020, he donated 100000 yuan to Xiaoshan District Education Fund, and 80000 yuan to the local Red Cross in 2021, making great contributions to the society, which has been praised by all sectors of society.

In 2022, the Company will continue to take strengthening corporate social responsibility construction as an effective means to thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development. Further adhere to and deepen the company's recognition of social responsibility, enhance the ability to fulfill social responsibility, take social welfare as the goal, pay attention to the value of customers and employees, and note


Slime, also known as mucus or mucus, is a viscous substance.

Slime, also known as mucus or mucus, is a viscous substance.

colorful colors to objects while adhering.

Its production principle is to mix colored pigments and glue together to form a uniform color glue. The use of Color Glue can make the surface of pasted objects more vivid and interesting,

Color Glue is a type of colored adhesive that can bring rich and colorful colors to objects while adhering.

Color Glue is a type of colored adhesive that can bring rich and colorful colors to objects while adhering. Its production principle is to mix colored pigments and glue together to form a uniform color glue. The use of Color Glue can make the surface of pasted objects more vivid and interesting, especially suitable for fields such as handcrafting, artistic creation, and decoration. Color Glue not only has strong viscosity and durability, but also can maintain a bright color after drying. Its usage method is also very simple, just apply the glue evenly to the surface of the object to be pasted, and then press the object to be pasted together. Both children and adults can use Color Glue to unleash their imagination and create unique works.

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School glue, also known as white glue or craft glue, is an essential tool for students of all ages. This adhesive is widely used in schools for various purposes, including arts and crafts projects, science experiments, and even repairing books.

Liquid glue, also known as white glue or school glue, is a type of adhesive that comes in a liquid form. It is widely used for various purposes such as crafts, school projects, and repairs.

Liquid glue, also known as white glue or school glue, is a type of adhesive that comes in a liquid form. It is widely used for various purposes such as crafts, school projects, and repairs.

Glue sticks are a convenient and versatile adhesive tool that many people use in their daily lives.

Glue sticks are a convenient and versatile adhesive tool that many people use in their daily lives. With a length of approximately 200 words, here's a description of glue sticks: